Wellness: Body, Mind and Spirit


You are: Body, Mind and Spirit

Wellness, personal health and fitness are watchwords in today’s society. You can’t pick up a magazine or watch TV without hearing about new products, services and trends -- something essential to improve your lifestyle and make a happier you. While the focus on this theme is breaking open new markets, the secret to success is already within your self! Most Americans know they should eat a balanced diet, exercise, get enough sleep, and reduce their stress, but this knowledge is often simply not enough. It involves a personal commitment to making a lifestyle change your personal priority.

Sheron's Story: In my mid-thirties and early forties, I had adult acne, pain in my back, knees and hips; and was annoyingly overweight, inactive and pre-diabetic. Visualizing my older self was hopelessly painful, and I decided my life was not going down like that! I made a commitment to myself to become more aware of how I was treating my body, what I was putting into it, and to end the negative self-talk that dragged me down.

PGCC offers you the tools to take that challenge: Change your life! This program is based on a holistic approach to wellness and encourages you to examine and learn about all the components in your life and how they are interconnected – body, mind and spirit.

Learn about it. Think about it. Discuss it. Practice it. Implement it!

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ENR-591  Life Balance Coaching  You may need a personal coach if you’re already an adult, but still asking: "What do I want to do when I grow up (more)?" You’re not satisfied by work or leisure alone, and you're drained most days. Bring your positive attitude and change your life! Dr. Sheron Brown is an integrated wellness coach and educator, who works with clients to make holistic lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. Includes exercises in life mapping, deconstructing your values, and committing to whole-body wellness that will better life balance. Delivered directly to your home, fully online and includes: 4 leaning modules, 3 interactive small group discussions and a personal consultation. Introductory price, only $80.      For more information, click here!

Whole Body Wellness

WLB-304  Healing Environments for Body, Mind, Spirit.The design of your home, public facilities, and health care services can contribute greatly to the well-being of individuals on physical, social, psychological, and spiritual levels. You'll learn how to create environments that foster healing using color, light, sound, art, and nature while providing a sense of connection and reducing emotional stress in a sustainable, healing manner. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 4 sessions, 16 hours, $106.

WLB-306  Holistic Health, Part 1.The concepts of alternative, holistic, and integrative medicine have their roots in the healing traditions of the past and are gaining attention today as more practitioners recognize the benefits of combining traditional Western medicine with the nonphysical exploration of healing. Part 1 covers holistic stress management, the healing effects of physical activity and movement, nutrition, and place and space healing environments. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 4 sessions, 14 hours, $94.

WLB-307  Holistic Health, Part 2.Designed for both health care practitioners and consumers, this course continues the introduction to fundamental topics of person-centered alternative health care. Part 2 examines some of the key areas of study in holistic medicine, including the healing systems of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, the connection between health and the human spirit, and the ancient and diverse practices of meditation. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 4 sessions, 10 hours, $76.

WLB-308  Holistic Health, Part 3. Continuing the study of the benefits of combining traditional medicine with the nonphysical exploration of healing, Part 3 covers humor and health, music therapy and sound healing, energy healing, therapeutic massage, and other bodywork healing therapies. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 4 sessions, 9 hours, $64.

WLB-301  Energy Medicine. There is increasing scientific evidence that humans have an energetic bio-field that is highly integrated with the physical body, emotions, and spiritual aspects of individuals. Consequently, practitioners and consumers are increasingly incorporating methods of energy healing with modern health care. Learn how the bio-field provides the foundation for energy medicine; including meditation, therapeutic touch, reflexology, and craniosacral therapy, as well as the essentials of Qigong and acupuncture. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 6 sessions, 10 hours, $70.

WLB-302  Global Healing Systems.   Global healing traditions date back thousands of years and today provide the primary form of health care for the majority of the world's population. Starting with an overview of how these practices differ from conventional medicine, this course will explore India's Ayurvedic practices, the indigenous medicines of Central and South America, native North American and African healing traditions, traditional Chinese medicine, and the Unani medicine of Eastern Europe - each reflecting the unique characteristics of their regions. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 7 sessions, 13 hours, $88.

WLB-305  Healthy Aging.Time stops for no one. Whether it's you, a family member, or a friend, there are many ways to support the aging process and maintain quality of life. You'll see how scientific, medical, and social interest helps us understand the relationships between aging and nutrition, cognitive function, and physical activity that can enhance well-being and support longevity. 12 sessions, $75 (includes a $35 lab fee) Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 5 sessions, 10 hours, $75.

WLB-303  Happy and Healthy Pregnancy.   Expecting? Yes, but not sure what to expect! The goal of this class is to help you feel more confident and calm in the many choices you have throughout your pregnancy and birthing time. It can sometimes feel overwhelming as you prepare for the many changes you'll face. By learning all about pregnancy, childbirth, and the basics of newborn care, you'll feel better prepared and ready for the challenges ahead. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 12 sessions, 24 hours, $150.

Mind & Spirit Wellness

WLM-304  Spirituality, Health & Healing. Spirituality, religion, and culture play an important role in our physical and mental health as well as our overall sense of wellbeing. Always growing and changing, our diverse population needs family, community, and healthcare specialists who have an unbiased understanding of the broad range of values, beliefs, and practices that shape lives. Topics will include the characteristics of spirituality, the impact of healing places and rituals, and the special spiritual needs of children and the aging. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 12 sessions, 16 hours, $210

WLM-303  Meditation Validated. Many forms of meditation have been used for millennia by cultures worldwide, but all share a unifying characteristic: training one's concentration on the mind-body connection to promote healing and wellness. Today, the benefits of meditation have been scientifically confirmed. This class will survey its Eastern roots and show how meditation has evolved in the modern world. Learn to apply these techniques regardless of faith or religion. Discover your potential for increased mindfulness, reduced stress, better pain management and a more satisfying life. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 4 sessions, 8 hours, $78. 

WLM-302  Living Mindfully.Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the preset moment. When you are mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings without judging them. You stop blaming yesterday, and stop worrying about tomorrow. Today, scientists and healthcare practitioners can see measureable physical and emotional improvement in their patients who practice mindfulness, and you can too! Reduce anxiety, sleep better, increases in physical activity, enhanced personal and professional relationships, increased productivity, and a happier you. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 5 sessions, 8 hours, $88.

WLM-305  Stress Management. Stress is at epidemic levels today. It affects every aspect of the body, mind, and spirit, resulting in a wide range of symptoms from headaches and stomach ailments to heart disease and even death. This course examines the physiological, social, and psychological impacts of stress and how to get stress under control through a healthy lifestyle, therapeutic treatment, and self-help strategies to counteract its negative impact. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 9 sessions, 14 hours, $94.

WLM-301  Brain Health. The brain controls every aspect of our lives from our physical wellbeing and mood to what we think, do, and know. This course will review the brain's component parts, both form and function, and the latest theories on how to build and support your brain through lifestyle choices. How do sleep quality and stress affect our mental and physical health? Can we program our brains for happiness? It's worth thinking about! Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 7 sessions, 10 hours, $76.

WLM-306  Understanding End of Life. Not just a health care issue, this course is for patients, family members, and friends facing the challenges and dilemmas as life's end approaches. Its objective is to gain insight into the feelings associated with dying, build a deeper understanding of the process, and how others view and approach it. It provides a multidisciplinary experience that addresses ethical and cultural considerations, the issues of end-of-life caregiving, hospice and palliative care options, and coping with grief. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more.9 sessions, 19 hours, $124.

Nutritional Wellness

WLN-301  Food, Nutrition, and Health. Food and nutrition have profound impacts on our wellbeing. Yet, many of us don't know what to eat for a healthy diet. Learn about the consequences that food choices have on your health and that of the planet, the impact of stress and the obesity crisis. You'll also learn tips to change your habits for more healthful outcomes, including swapping out processed sugar, adding probiotics to you diet, and harnessing the healing effect of herbs. Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 9 sessions, 16 hours, $116.

WLN-302  Lose Weight and Keep It Off. This is NOT calorie counting! In this comprehensive course, you'll learn how to establish a healthy approach to weight loss and how to set, achieve, and maintain weight-loss goals that make sense for your lifestyle. Topics will include food composition and preparation, portion control, navigating the social elements of eating, and finding exercise that's enjoyable. Uncover the negative thought patterns that block your success to weight loss and change them! Online delivery, link to Ed2Go for more. 12 sessions, 24 hours, $150.

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