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DPR 883 Programming in Java 

This course will teach students programming Logic and Design, and apply them specifically to the Java programming language. Topics include object oriented programming (classes/objects), control structures, methods, arrays, polymorphism, inheritance, recursion, exception handling, graphical user interfaces, file input/output.$440 (*includes $140 lab fee)

46961     T/TH    1/22 - 5/2     6:00 PM - 8:35 PM       CAT  213

 46962     M/W    1/23 - 5/6     9:30 AM - 12:00 PM       CAT  213

 DPR 893 Programming in Logic and Design

This course is an introduction to computer programming concepts with emphasis on structured program logic and design. Design tools such as pseudo-code and flowcharting are covered. Students are introduced to several software packages that may be used to develop flowcharts and pseudo-code. This course does not teach a particular programming language, but rather emphasizes problem solving techniques that can be applied to programming in any language. This course meets concurrently with credit course INT-1111.  $440 (*includes $140 lab fee)

 Please Note:  This courses does not require material textbooks and other learning resources that students must pay for.

 46413        T/TH     1/22 - 3/12    6:00PM - 9:40PM   CAT 203

 46414         T/TH     3/14 - 5/7    6:00PM -9:40PM    CAT 203

 DPR 896 Programming in C++

This course will teach students using the C++ language, the course incorporates the concepts covered in Programming Logic and Design, and applies them specifically to the C++ programming language. Topics include basic C++ control structures, syntax, functions, arrays, pointers and classes/objects. Meets concurrently with INT-2130. $440*(includes a $140 lab fee)

 46902           TTH    1/22 - 5/2       9:30 - 12:30 PM       CAT 213


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