Music and Performing Arts

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The Music Business

MUS-352. Breaking into the Music Business.   With today's rocket growth of streaming and online music sharing, this is not your father's music business anymore! As the creative aspects of music change, grow and encompass new sound, video, and distribution technologies; you must know your rights and protect your entitlements as an artist. This course covers the seven essential aspects of music administration: creative structure, copyright laws, publishing industry sources, performance rights, songwriter agreements, and contract standards.  Successful student testimonial online! Classroom delivery, 2 sessions, 6 hours.

MUS-352. Entertainment Management.   As an entertainer, you may be on the stage, but you’re not alone! Entertainment is a challenging business, but you can overcome the obstacles with passion, knowledge and an entertainment manager. This course shows you the ropes by covering the artist/manager relationship as talent coach, business manager and promotor. From building a fan base to maximizing the resources for venues, press and social media This is the partner you need to get into the spotlight. ! Classroom delivery, 4 sessions, 12 hours (NEL $55)

MUS-339.  Music Made Easy.   If you enjoy music and would like to know more about what makes it work, this course starts with the fundamentals and builds from there. You'll learn how rhythm, melody, and harmony work together and understand the many significant contributions early music theorists made to our understanding of music today. By the time you complete this course, you'll be able to read, write, and even play simple musical pieces on a keyboard. Online delivery from Ed2Go. 12 sessions, 24 hours.

Voice Acting

MUS-355.  Introduction to the Voice Acting: Now is Your Time.  Given today’s explosive technology, Voice Acting offers a unique way to cash in on a lucrative market with growing room for a much wider variety of styles -- commercials, animation, audiobooks, and documentaries have been joined by podcasts, industrial and educational training videos, videogames, a wide range of telephone services. New markets are continually being created and expanded. Running a small business on your own time and with practically no overhead could launch the career you've been seeking. Classroom delivery, 1 session, 2 hours (NEL $55)  

MUS-353.  Voice Acting, One-on-One Studeo.   This class begins with the "One-on-One" Introduction and includes a second session of 60 minutes of directed script reading and coaching, tailored to you! Explore different types of voiceover scripts to determine where your interests lie and what best suits your vocal strengths. Afterwards, you'll receive a professional voice evaluation. This special offer lets you take both courses for a combined price -- saving you more than 45% off the cost of enrolling in each class individually! (In other words, the Techniques class is FREE!) Learn more at Voices For All.  Online Skype delivery, 1 session, 2.5 hours.