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New Renaissance Art Academy

The Renaissance, from the 14th to 17th centuries, was a major turn in history that marked the transition from the medieval to the modern world. It was a time for new ideas driven by curiosity and stimulated by direct observation of science and the real world. Art, music, and architecture flourished. Again today, in the Twenty First Century, we are experiencing a rebirth, a new age of enlightenment.

This three course series builds the essential tools of the artist by maturing their abilities to perceive, design and dimensionally construct their vision.

Art is a fundamental part of the human experience. It reveals mankind’s thoughts, ideas, and relationships drawn from observation, interpretation, and imagination.  Its influence can be seen in every form of visual and spatial expression throughout every culture.  The New Renaissance Art Academy encompasses a full range of drawing, painting, and sculpting. By incorporating traditional practices with an organic influence, students will be challenged to explore all possibilities using the conceptual approaches, tools, and techniques that best conveys their creation.

A message from the instructor, Raj Ruffin:

I believe in a flexible manner of instruction, responsive to the unique to personalities and skill sets of students. In conducting either a large lecture or small studio, I am aware of student’s different experiences and temperaments which create an atmosphere that will develop their strengths while minimizing any weakness. Every student, regardless of background, can improve his or her ability to create meaningful artwork reflecting their cultural, religious, political and historical beliefs. Students are equipped to explore the possibilities of each perspective and are encouraged to push beyond their own experience to expand their skills. At the conclusion of the course I have enriched a student’s ability to think about, discuss, and understand art with a new awareness of its aesthetic and humanistic significance.

Core Courses

ART-414.  Fine Arts 1, Basic Composition.     This is where it begins: By developing an awareness of the visual experience and of the limitless possibilities for making things of beauty and delight. This course is designed for beginners with little or no experience. Drawing skills will be developed using simple tools; such as pencil, charcoal and ink. A series of studio problems are designed to sharpen perception and recognize a new kind of space through the interaction of form and light. Core course. Classroom and studio delivery. 8 sessions, 24 hours (EL $269)

At the completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Define the conceptual elements are used convey a two dimensional composition.
  • Explain the various roles of space, form and context and how they are effected by light.
  • Demonstrate basic drawing skills to maximizing the differing properties of pencil, charcoal and ink.

ART-415.  Fine Arts 2, Introduction to Color.   With light and shadow further defining composition, students next develop an intuition for color by using a limited palette to create the full spectrum. A wide array of studio media will be used to encompass personal interests, allowing room for exploration. The project scope will build observational skills to understand the interaction between complementary, split primary, and tertiary colors with a strong emphasis on color mixing and relationship to emphasize expressive, cultural and symbolic impact. Core course. Classroom and studio delivery. 8 sessions, 24 hours (EL $269)

At the completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Discuss the process by which only primary colors are used to create the full spectrum.
  • Explain how color relationships change our perception of space, rhythm, harmony and form.
  • Describe the derivation of hues, tints, and shades and how they are relevant to reality.

ART-416.  Fine Arts 3, Media Techniques.     With the conceptual foundation of composition, light, and color; the practice of technique now becomes the focus. Expression is expanded through the experimentation of materials, media practices and process progressions that best convey idea. Through mixed media layering techniques, students can achieve a profoundly intricate level of detail and luminosity. Through class critiques, students will learn how to evaluate their own work as well as that of their peers. Core course. Classroom and studio delivery. 8 sessions, 24 hours (EL $269)

At the completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Explain how and why diverse materials, techniques and processes are essential conveying expressive, cultural, symbolic and/or associative impact.
  • List five media techniques and discuss the historical context in which these different methods thrived and expanded.
  • Present contributions toward the development of a professional portfolio and describe their inspiration and techniques that leads to understand the visual arts and to the role of the individual artist.


ART-410.  Introduction to Portraiture.     Drawing is a fundamental part of the human experience, and what can be more expressive than the human face? Using a variety of traditional media -- charcoal, graphite, paint – this class focuses on rendering human expression and figurative proportion to reveal thought, personality, and station. Students will develop both technical and perceptual skills through composition structure, color, light, texture, and media handing. In-class assignments and critiques will include life sources, photographs, and master drawings. Classroom delivery, 8 sessions, 24 hours (NEL $232)

ART-411.  Painting Acrylic Fantasies.     It all begins in your mind, and the colors run into and out of your fingers. A mighty dragon raises its head, covered in shiny scales… It's so real you can almost touch it! Bring it to life on your canvas with acrylic paints. It’s relatively inexpensive,water-soluble, quick-drying and comes in colors that defy the imagination. Emphasis will be form and composition, color and brushwork, and the detail that characterizes reality. No experience necessary. Classroom delivery, 6 sessions, 18 hours (NEL $150)

ART-406.  Open Studio.     This supportive and synergistic environment provides a workspace for both novice and experienced students to work independently and/or explore other art mediums. During each session, the instructor will introduce a medium with inspirational demonstrations, instruction, coaching, and critique. Students can work at their own pace on new or ongoing projects and also participate through sharing and group discussion. Bring your own art materials on the first day of class. Instructor: Edward Taylor. Classroom delivery, 4 sessions, 12 hours (NEL $69)


ART-345.  Drawing for the Absolute Beginner.     Are you interested in drawing, but don't know how to get started? Is a studio class too intimidating without having proven your talent? This introduction to art and illustration will give you a creative foundation while you learn about the many tools available to artists -- paper types, drawing styles, rendering techniques, and the basic principles of perspective, layout, design, lighting, and volume. Get in touch with your creative right brain. Delivered online line from Ed2Go. 2 sessions, 24 hours (EL $150)

ART-366.  Comics and Graphic Novels.     Create and draw your own comic or graphic novel. Starting with a loose concept, students will learn to convey a story through imagery by learning tricks for creating memorable characters and impactful perspectives leading to thumbnails and clean finalized pages. Build a solid platform to start and grow as you explore popular medium. Materials required are a sketchbook, standard pencils, a ruler, and lined notebook. Instructor: Erin Novack is a freelance graphic novelist and animator. Classroom delivery, 3 sessions, 9 hours (NEL $145)

Creative Media

ART-363.  Abstract Collage.     Expand your artistic range and explore abstract design using the medium of collage. Practice with various approaches and materials including collage papers and a cache of other materials. The fundamentals of composition will be examined as well as the exploration of shape, color and texture to guide you through the development and completion of mixed media pieces. Instructor: Sharon Robinson has extensive experience as a gallery artist and adult educator.Classroom delivery, 2 sessions, 7 hours (NEL $79)

ART-402.  Paper Frenzy.     When paint and construction paper just aren't enough, invent your own artistic mediums! Leave with a glorious collection of one-of-a-kind papers enhanced with acrylic paint, watercolor, inked stamps, and other composite materials. Create a supply of craft materials composed of various weights, textures and patterns by using new techniques and original ideas to explore the world of artistic form. Instructor: Sharon Robinson, gallery artist and adult educator.Classroom delivery, 2 sessions, 6 hours (NEL $69)

ART-409.  Creative Rubber Stamping.     Rubber stamping is the process of transferring an image by pressing a form onto another media using inks and paints. Commercial rubber forms, sure; but in this class we’re making our own! Shapes and textures on sponges, wood, carved potatoes (the media are unlimited) can transform the ordinary into something special! Cards and stationary to gift wrap and hand-printed fabrics; your imagination is the limit. New techniques using inexpensive materials will be introduced each week. Classroom delivery, 4 sessions, 18 hours (NEL $98)