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ENR-460.   Interior  Decorating Basics.   Have you ever wanted to redecorate, but didn't know how to begin? Learn basic decorating principles and how to get started on your room make-over. Gain confidence by learning basic color, lighting, furniture arrangement, and accessorizing techniques. Classroom delivery. 1 session, 3 hours. (NEL $42)

ENR-578.   Discovering the Styles of Decorating.   Uncover the definition of a decorating style through a journey exploring nine styles and their characteristics: English Tudor, Early American, Chinese, Korean/Japanese, Georgian, Formal and French Country, American Southwest, Art Deco, and Contemporary. Discover your unique inclinations, at once, distinctively a part of your nature and ancient connections. Share how you would implement your personal style through materials, finishes, furnishings and color. Classroom delivery. 2 sessions, 6 hours. (NEL $72)

ENR-601.   Color Sense in Your Home.   Do you struggle with choosing paint colors and have made mistakes before? Would you like to go bolder but are too wary? Color theory and psychology, paint technologies, and matching will be explored. Utilizing a color deck, perceive color that is personally most comfortable in your home or work. See color concepts come to life in beautiful, photographed rooms. Be prepared to share challenges and dilemmas for in class consultation. Classroom delivery. 1 session, 3 hours. (NEL $42)

ENR-606.   Interior Design, Soup to Nuts.   Your mission: Transform plain living spaces into beautiful and functional rooms. This requires both natural talent and step-by-step know-how. You'll delve into color theory, industry trends, spatial arrangements, traditional and modern design trends. You'll investigate "green" sustainable design and how to modify your designs for special needs. This new knowledge and hands-on practice will give you the confidence needed to start creating beautiful residential interiors for yourself and others. Classroom delivery. 2 sessions, 6 hours. (NEL $72)

ENR-532.   Redesign and Refresh Your Rooms.   Yes, you can! With a few quick and easy final touches, techniques and tools of the trade, any room can look like new. Whether you're a novice or decorator extraordinaire, you'll find that a little focus, determination and imagination are keys to fascinating decor and unforgettable "reveals." If you've always wanted to get started on that long-awaited project, now's the time. Classroom delivery. 1 session, 3 hours. (NEL $42)

ENR-541.   Introduction to Interior Design.   Are you a creative person with an eye for design? If so, this course will show you how to transform plain living spaces into beautiful and functional rooms. Interior decorating and design takes training as well as talent. You'll delve into color theory, industry trends, spatial arrangements, floor plans and traditional and modern interior design ideas so you can explore a range of careers. Online delivery from Ed2Go. 12 sessions, 24 hours (NEL $150)

ENR-602.  Home Designer Secrets.   You watch designer TV, wondering how professionals create those stunning spaces. See what they see and account for function, mood and personality. A successful design is more than just eye appeal. It's a room that works for you and sets a tone with color and style. It includes the stamp of your personality with furnishings and accents. All of these are integral to a great design. You'll never see a room in the same way again! Classroom delivery. 1 session, 3 hours. (NEL $42)

ENR-593.  Eclectic Style by Repurposing.   The Eclectic Style uses the full spectrum of decorating styles, time periods, and colors and combines them into a single palette. It's all about mixing dissimilar things to create a unique look. Repurposing is the latest trend. With a little creativity, you can use tired everyday items and give them new life. Turn the head of a rake it into a jewelry hanger. Build a woodstove from discarded tire rims. Old pieces can look new and have new purpose. Classroom delivery. 1 session, 3 hours. (NEL $42)

ENR-587.   Interior Decor Final Touches.   By utilizing current industry decor techniques, students will learn to enhance rooms and spaces by either sprucing up an already decorated area or by pulling together the overall look of a "not quite finished" project. For example, they will be taught techniques to apply vinyl words and inspirational quotes to various surfaces and create canvas wall art by replicating abstract shapes and patterns. As well, students will be shown how to accessorize a room and enjoy class demonstrations. Classroom delivery. 1 session, 3 hours. (NEL $49)

ENR-590.   Expanding Decor Touches.   Tap into your creativity, artistic flair, eye for design and let's decorate! Move beyond "typical" accessories to more exciting, cutting edge designs without a massive budget. See how previous interior design eras helped to set today's trends that will move with you into the future. Class demonstrations and even more hands-on projects will help you, not only to enhance your living space, but to reimagine it! Note: material fee $21 payable to the instructor at the first class) Classroom delivery. 3 sessions, 9 hours. (NEL $89)

ENR-531.  Arranging and Hanging Artwork.   Whoever said that "having" the right tools is half the job" was right. Students will be shown how to utilize tools that make creating a picture wall or hanging canvas art so much easier. Finish in half the time! In addition, learn different methods of accenting your wall art, thereby transforming it into an art ensemble. Ultimately, you'll have multiple solutions for that wall or space you couldn't quite put together  -- until now. Classroom delivery. 1 session, 3 hours. (NEL $35)

ENR-569.   Your Home's Wow Factor.   Would you like to create that wow factor? You can pull it all together by learning inspiring techniques to determine your design style, create an effective design plan, use what you have, save dollars and shop with confidence. You can finally get the look and feel you've been dreaming of for your home. Classroom delivery. 1 session, 3 hours. (NEL $42)