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ENR-465.  Family Newsletter.   This workshop teaches the fundamentals of writing a family newsletter to share family news, plan reunions and keep the lines of communication open between the generations.  Topics will include using your writing skills to share family events and history, working together to overcome genealogical road blocks, and using both printed documents and the Internet to their best advantage. Instructor: Nathania Branch Miles. Classroom delivery. 1 session, 3 hours (NEL $42)

ENR-533.  A Family Reunion.   You share the same genes, and they want to party together! This workshop teaches you how to connect family members from different branches and generations by celebrating life together. A family reunion encourages closer kinship through a one-day (or more) retreat with a range of possible activities. Students will learn how to set up an event budget with long- and short-term fundraising activities; choose a site; select meals, activities and entertainment; and get the word out. Instructor: Nathania Branch Miles. Classroom delivery. 1 session, 3 hours (NEL $42)

FAM-392.  Marriage and Relationships: Keys to Success.   Meeting the right person is important; knowing how to stay in love matters even more. Every relationship goes through stages, and it’s important to balance the needs of both individuals and the couple at every stage. Develop insights into the problems many couples encounter -- disagreements over money, children, and relationship triangles. Explore the tools needed to identify problems and work toward resolution or even to decide it's time for the end. Online delivery from Ed2Go, 12 sessions, 24 hours. ($150)

FAM-394.  Be Assertive!   Tired of being intimidated and manipulated? Don’t get angry, get tough! Learn specific techniques to become more assertive in all aspects of your life. Understand passive, aggressive, and assertive behaviors and how it affects your interactions with others. Use facial expressions and body language to reinforce a more self-assured stance. Stand firm in the face of resistance and be more confident with family and friends, in the workplace and the community. It's your turn to speak up! Online delivery from Ed2Go, 12 sessions, 24 hours. ($150)

FAM-390.  Caring for Aging Parents.   Growing older is a part of life – whether it’s your parents or another. Some aspects are joyful, some bittersweet, some frustrating, some frightening. You will learn what to expect, what to watch for, how to deal with physical and emotional challenges, and where to find resources to help. Topics include the impact of retirement, choosing a nursing home, financial and legal considerations, special communication and observation methods, and coping mechanisms to ease the burden for everyone. Online delivery from Ed2Go, 12 sessions, 24 hours. ($150)

ENR-595.  Introduction to Genealogy.   Designed for beginning and intermediate family historians who want trace their lineage to generate a family tree. Starting with your immediate family, learn what probing questions to ask to begin a research trail. Using both print and Internet data, learn where to locate important documents and how to assess their value and relevancy. Then, dig deeper. Grow a family tree to pass on to the next generations. Classroom delivery. 1 session, 3 hours. (NEL $42) 

ENR-542.  Genealogy Basics.   Tracing your family's history is a journey through time. Not a product of environment alone, we have sprang from a long genealogical chain beginning maybe centuries ago with our fathers and mothers, and theirs and theirs. As you trace your family's history, this course will guide you to the most useful web sites and show you exciting new research techniques to dig more deeply than ever into the past, making your family history come alive. Online delivery from Ed2Go, 12 sessions, 24 hours. ($150)

COM-353.  Speaking to a Group, Part 1.   Have some fun while adding finesse to your style. Part 1 focuses on understanding your audience and planning a clear, focused and well organized presentation specifically targeted to them. Lots of encouragement and in a friendly environment lets you practice short presentations and speeches and will help you become more confident and comfortable speaking to a crowd. Excellent training for those who want to add polish to everything from job interviews to boardroom presentations. Instructor: Rochelle Daniel. Classroom delivery. 1 session, 4.5 hours. (NEL $72)

COM-354.  Speaking to a Group, Part 2.   Having added finesse, this course gives you the sparkle and pizazz. Part 2 continues building and refining the techniques to inform, persuade and entertain your audience. Whether speaking informally to friends or at a community-wide meeting, you'll learn how to decrease distractions during your delivery and how to formulate impromptu remarks. Still in a friendly and relaxed style, Part 2 is packed with tips, practice exercises and inspiration without a demanding time commitment. Instructor: Rochelle Daniel. Classroom delivery. 1 session, 4.5 hours. (NEL $64)

FAM-393.  Success with Difficult People.   Do you know people whose behavior makes completing even the simplest tasks difficult? Would you like to learn how to have more successful relationships with difficult bosses, co-workers, students, neighbors or family members? Join this class and get helpful information for understanding yourself, solving people problems, and improving your relationships and personal and professional productivity. Online delivery from Ed2Go, 12 sessions, 24 hours. ($150)

FAM-391.  Handling Medical Emergencies.  Do you know exactly what to do in a medical emergency? Early recognition and intervention can make the difference between life and death. Learn to identify common medical emergencies and how you should react to them. For adults, you will learn about heart attack, stroke, diabetic problems, seizures, breathing difficulty, and allergic reactions. For children, you will also learn about poisoning, childhood illnesses, injuries, and the signs of abuse. Be prepared when every second counts. Online delivery from Ed2Go, 12 sessions, 24 hours. ($150)


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