Workforce Development Institutes

  • Workforce Development Institutes

    The Workforce Development Institutes at Prince George’s Community College provide businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions with a collaborative forum for action planning that addresses the county's and region's current career learning needs as well as forecasted and/or emerging economic and/or workforce development trends. The Institutes advocate for resources and develop responsive workforce development programs in order to improve employee recruitment, development, and retention in Prince George.

    The Hospitality, Tourism, and Travel Institute meets the ever-increasing worldwide demand for well-trained hospitality and tourism professionals and offers customized, specially developed, comprehensive training programs that benefit businesses by lowering in-house recruitment and training costs, reducing workforce turnover and increasing employee productivity.

    The Construction, Energy, and Transportation Institute provides services for both individuals and businesses with in-demand, industry-specific training, certification, and licensing. The institute delivers the vital education needed by students to enter the construction, transportation and distribution industry with marketable, trade-specific skills. It supports businesses by preparing their future workforce for direct, skilled entry into the industries and by providing continuing education and training for their experienced workforce