Challenge and Competency Exams

  • Challenge and Competency Exams
    to earn credit at PGCC

    What is a challenge examination?

    Challenge examinations are designed by the appropriate Instructional department and are equivalent to comprehensive final examinations. The exams are graded on a pass/fail basis and If a passing score is obtained, credit is granted for the course, although no grade is assigned and the credit awarded is designated on the student's transcript as having been earned "by examination." There is a $35.00 to $50.00 fee charged to take the exam (an additional $15.00 is charged for INT-1010 and other examinations having a lab component).

    What is a competency examination?

    Competency examinations are also designed by the appropriate academic department and are equivalent to comprehensive final examinations. Competency examinations are evaluated in accordance with traditional grading practices, with a letter grade assigned, and require registration in the intended examination course and payment of all tuition and fees before the exam is administered. Students who pass the examination will receive credit and a grade and the course will appear on the transcript like any other course completed at the college.

    How do I know if I can take a challenge or competence examination?

    Eligible students must be in an ACTIVE admissions status before sitting for a challenge or competency examination. Students must also have established a PGCC transcript before examination credit can be awarded and posted to the record. Students who have previously enrolled for credit in the intended examination course and received a grade of I, NA, IP, TP, N, W, WP, WF, F, FX, F*, D, C, B, or A, are NOT ELIGIBLE to take the challenge or competency examination. Finally, the academic department which oversees the course is responsible for developing the exams and assigning credit, therefore all challenge and competency exams must have departmental approval.

    How many times can I take a Challenge or Competency exam?

    Challenge and Competency examinations may be taken only once for each course.

    When can I come in to take a Challenge or Competency exam?

    Contact the academic department who oversees the class you wish to receive credit for, to insure they offer this service. After the department approves your request, you may come to the center, present a PGCC Photo ID, and complete an application. All students taking Challenge or Competency Exams in the Testing Center must present a PGCC Photo ID, follow our rules, and take their exam within the hours permitted.