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    We are serving up new courses in our brand new Culinary Arts Center!


    Discover Your Inner Foodie 

    Welcome to the Culinary Arts and Hospitality program at Prince George’s Community College. This page lists a broad selection of Continuing Education and Workforce Development Classes starting April 20, 2018.  

    Summer 2018 Classes 

    Culinary Classes:

    Grill Master

    Grilling basics for the master griller in you. This fundamental course outlines the proper way of grilling various meats and seafood.

    Junior Culinary

    A hands-on, supervised program, where students are taught the importance of nutrition in fruits and vegetables while allowing them to be creative and have fun. 

    60+ BootCamp

    This course is designed to teach hands-on food fundamentals and nutrition for adults 60+. 

    Kitchen Cook Certification

    This certification recognizes the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a food preparation professional.    

    Authentic Chinese Cooking

    This course is designed for aspiring chefs working in the food service industry. It will provide instruction and practice on preparing recipes from China.

    Event Planning:

    Wedding Planner Certification 36 hours

    This course is designed for individuals that love to plan weddings. Topics will cover how to select and connect with wedding vendors. 



    Wine Certification Level 1

    This course is designed to assist students in understanding the main types and styles of wine available, how to store wine, and the proper way to serve wine to others. 

    Customer Service

    Guest Service Gold® is a comprehensive program designed to accomplish the goal of creating guest service-oriented line level employees.

    *All wine certification classes are held at PGCC and conducted with our partners at Capital Wine School*


    Wanna Have Fun!

    Mix, Taste, and Paint

    Enjoy learning the fundamentals of mixology, food pairing, and painting with your friends and family.

    Sip, Taste, and Paint

    Have fun learning how to pair wines with food and painting.

    Get the Skills for a Professional Career in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Services Management

    A selection of Culinary Arts  and Hospitality Services Management Associate Degree or Certificate Program classes starting June 2018.

    ServSafe Certification

    This course provides an overview of the principles of food microbiology, important food borne diseases, standards that are enforced by food service regulatory agencies, and applied measures for the prevention of food borne diseases and other microbiological problems.

    Introduction to Culinary Arts

    The introductory food production class for culinary students. Topics include the theories and methods of cooking, vocabulary, and the development of safe and sanitary kitchen practices.

    Food Production I

    Topics include stocks, soups, sauces, beef, pork and poultry items, vegetables, and starches. Students will prepare dishes utilizing recipes and techniques presented in class.

    Food Production II

    An advanced food production class. Topics will include principles of plate presentation as well as entree, starch, vegetables, seafood, veal, and lamb cookery.

    Baking Skills

    An introductory course in the principles of baking, with emphasis on bakeshop ingredients, their function, measurement, and scaling.

    Catering and Banquet Operations

    This course provides essential tools to operate a catering business. It addresses current trends and practices for both on-premise and off-premise catering. Focuses on menu development, marketing, customer awareness, training and service standards within the catering industry. The approach is to identify resources that can be used in implementing a business plan to start and position a competitive catering operation.

    Bar and Beverage Management

    This course explains how to manage the beverage component of a restaurant, bar, hotel, country club and any operation that serves beverages. It provides the history of the beverage industry and information on equipping, staffing, managing, and marketing beverages within an establishment. Students will explain the requirements associated with permits and licenses, regulations regarding equipment, design, sanitation guidelines, labor laws and employment of personnel. Other points of interest focus on the understanding of cost and profits, responsible service and business practices.

    Advanced Baking

    Topics include, tarts, cakes, and restaurant-style desserts, production and use of sauces and plate presentations, Students will be required to create a dessert menu and demonstrate baking proficiency through production of selected menu items.

    International Cuisine

    Production will include French, Italian, Asian and other ethnic and regional cuisines. Discussion topics will include indigenous ingredients, flavors, cooking methods and techniques

    Using Technology in the Hospitality Industry

    This course introduces basic computer applications used in the hospitality industry. Technology offers communication, professionalism, self-development, and a means to be hospitable.

    Food Service Operations

    This course focuses on the management principles aligned with commercial and noncommercial food service operations. Topics include essential elements associated with market comparisons, menu development, customer service, standard cost analysis, and financial management.

    Beer, Wines, and Spirits

    This course focuses on the origin and history of beverages. It is designed to offer a comprehensive analysis of various types of wine, beer, and spirits to enhance a dining experience.

    Garde Manger and Catering

    This course focuses on cold food preparation and presentation in buffet and catering applications, including appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, canapés, pates, sausages, terrines as well as buffet salads, buffet design, layout and execution, and menu planning.

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