Governance and Advocacy for Prince George's Community College

Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) is guided by a Board of Trustees and College President. Together they set policy and guidelines for PGCC and work with the community to make sure the College is meeting the needs of residents and businesses.

In addition to the board and president, a deliberative and broadly representative body, the College-Wide Forum of Prince George's Community College, recommends general policies and procedures, paying particular attention to matters that affect the common interests of employees and students. The forum is empowered to refer issues and/or request a response to issues, concerns, proposals, or topics to other College organizations.

The President’s senior team oversees the College’s programs and services, ensuring that they are operating efficiently and effectively.

The leadership at Prince George’s Community College advocates strongly for student success and works to transform the lives of all who seek to advance their knowledge, skills, and opportunities.