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Your extracurricular experiences are just as important as what you learn in the classroom. Our artistic and interest-based clubs will challenge you, inspire you, and engage your passion.

Creative Endeavors

Explore your artistic side and develop communication skills that will serve you well in whatever you do. Write for the Owl Newspaper, or create content for the Reflections literary and art magazine — and that’s just the start.

PGCC Clubs Fall 2024

Listed below are clubs active this semester, what they focus on, and a brief description of activities.

African Students Association (ASA)

Empowering African students through community, education, and cultural enrichment. To show how beautiful the African culture is and how the traditions work. 

Body of Christ

To provide opportunity for students to fellowship together, worship, pray and meet for the study of biblical principles. The goal is to raise disciples of Christ who walk in love and knowledge of the scriptures to fulfill the purposes of God in this world. 

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

To provide fun activities for the student body to promote student involvement on campus. Assisting student organizations and departments with events to impact the student life experience.

Clay Club

To create a safe space for students to participate in creative activities, relax and engage with each other.

Elite Owls Modeling Team

This modeling club strives to create memorable experiences, build bonds, and encourage our models and audience to feel confident no matter their height, race, or gender.

Empowering Parents Club

A student organization for those raising children while studying at PGCC, this club provides support and resources for pregnant and parenting students.

Girls Who Code

To provide female Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Cyber Security majors with necessary resources and opportunities to excel as programmers.

Hacker Space Club

To help students in cybersecurity to enable security teams and to train in realistic settings. This will provide students will real hands-on experience expands cyber professionals, knowledge base, and enhance their skills to keep pace with evolving cyber threats.

Kaleidoscope Club

To create a space for International students to network and find support, as well as to advocate for their needs and concerns. To build a community of students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Latino Student Association

To unite students at the college of Latino descent and promote pride in their heritage and provide awareness of Latino issues and history.

Muslim Student Association

Develop a welcoming community for Muslim students, where they can practice their religion and learn about Islam. To promote unity, and to encourage and enable Muslims and non-Muslims with the basic knowledge of humanity, equality, and service to others. MSA is open to everyone who is interested in learning about Islam and embraces the concepts of harmony in diversity, peace and fellowship.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)*

An honors organization that recognizes and elevates high-achieving students. We get access to scholarships, NSCS Chapters plan activities such as networking events, social gatherings, and community service projects regularly, and members are viewed as leaders in their education communities. (Invtation only; GPA requirements apply)

National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS)*

A leadership society for college students who are witin their first and second year. Students GPA must be between a 2.75 and 3.49. (Invitation only; GPA requirements apply)


To foster a supportive community for underrepresented students in STEM, providing networking opportunities, professional development, and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in the field.

Nursing Club

Nursing student to have an impact on their peers and the field of study as a whole. As well as incoming students to learn about the various aspects of Nursing. To support nursing students and foster positive interaction among members, facilitating an opportunity for students to network.

OWL Student Newspaper

To support students interested in journalism and communications and provide them with an outlet for media production. Inform, engage, and empower our school community by providing relevant news, features, and perspectives on school events and issues.

OWL Success Squad Ambassadors (OSSA)

To cultivate a campus culture of academic support, engagement, and excellence for new and continuing students.

PGCC Chess Club

The purpose is to give old and new players the opportunity to learn and play chess, to improve their critical thinking skills, strategizing, patience, and self awareness.

PGCC Gaming Club

Grants the opportunity for like-minded students to network over a shared passion for video games. We aim to engage in various gaming-related activities including (but not limited to) game nights, tournament events, and charitable/fundraising efforts.

PGCC Honors**

Academic excellence, scholarship, education, service


Promoting excellence (academic & personal) among PGCC students through scholarship and service.


To educate, promote. and inform Owls of racial inequalities at PGCC and beyond our campus.

PGCC Star Fellowship Club

To lead and encourage students to build their connection with God while exceeding and balancing in all aspect of life. Goal is to develop a fellowship of students that walk-in love, light and peace.To uplift the next generation of leaders in Christ with proper education of the Holy Bible to help leave a lasting impact on their personal lives.

Primera Generacion Unido

The purpose of this Organization is to aim to be a dynamic community dedicated to empowering and connecting first-generation Latino individuals. Our primary goal is to foster a supportive environment where members can build meaningful connections, share experiences, and navigate unique challenges. Through mentorship programs, cultural events, and workshops, I aspire to achieve a transformative goal—to witness each member not only overcome obstacles but also become inspiring mentors themselves, creating a continuous cycle of support and empowerment within the community.

Reflections Literary & Arts Magazine

This club engages, inspires, and informs the college community through publishing literary and art works.

Seoul Searching

To promote understanding and knowledge of Asian culture through various activities.

Service Members to Scholars (S2S) Veterans Club

The Veteran’s Club is an organization that provides a social group setting to help veterans adjust and become successful in civilian life.

Student Art League

To provide students with the time and space to express their creativity and promote artistic endeavors.

Student Government Association (SGA)

To increase students engagement while serving as a representative body. We are the liaison between students and college administration, and bring light to student issues and causes to enhance and improve the PGCC student experience.

Student Research Club

This club provides PGCC students with opportunities to improve their research skills and experience for better academic transfer and job opportunities. Access research opportunities and resources available to PGCC students through faculty mentors, peer-to-peer support, and connect with local research organizations.

Women in Cyber Security (WiCyS)

Our goal is to empower and support women in the cybersecurity field by providing a platform for networking, mentorship, and resources, with the goal of increasing representation and diversity within the cybersecurity community.

Yes, Girls Read

A book club with a mission to create a safe and inclusive space for self identifying women to come together to discuss literature written by women. 

Clubs noted with an asterisk (*) require an invitation or membership criteria to join. Please contact OSEL for more information about these organizations.

Interested in any of the above organizations? Get information on organizations and activities that interest you.

Don’t see your interest represented? Email or call 301-546-0853 to get information on how to start your own student organization next semester! A minimum of four PGCC enrolled students in good academic standing with a 2.0 minimum GPA are required to start a new club. Only PGCC regular employees can serve as club advisors.

Note: The deadline to register a new or returning club is September 12.

Clubs Currently Looking for Members

The clubs listed below are recruiting members to serve on their executive boards. Interested students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and be able to devote a few hours a week to club meetings and operations. See a member of the SEAL Team for more information.

Elevated Minds Mental Health Initiative

To promote mental health awareness and get rid of the stigma associated with mental health. To educate and create a safe space for all those affected by mental health. Suicide preventive care and support. 

Owls on 8s Roller Skate Club

To promote and encourage a love of roller skating through weekly meetups and participation in skating events. To network with other skaters and share in a mutual love for one of the world’s most beloved past times. Basic instruction on skating will be available, so no skating experience needed but it is helpful. No need to own your own skates to attend rink meetups.

PGCC Gardening Club

Looking to cultivate a love of gardening and homegrown nutrition by working in our new community garden. No gardening experience required.

PGCC Music Club

To create a safe space for creativity and musical ingenuity. Open to musicians and those who appreciate music. Looking for performers and other musical creatives.

PGCC Racquet Rebels

This non-profit organization will serve all ages to re-introduce the game of tennis to Prince George’s Community College. The club will host friendly games and activities between members and guests. The club hopefully will be able to invite pro athletes to play exhibition games on the campus tennis courts.

We Write Now Creative Writing Club

Recruiting students who love writing and want to enhance their gifts through consultation and critique. Welcoming writers of all genres and skill levels.

Student Government

Make the PGCC experience even better than it already is. Our student government provides opportunities for you to get involved in the administrative, legislative, and judicial processes of the college.

Interest-Based Groups

Interested in making new friends while learning more about a topic or raising campus awareness about your religion? Join one of our many campus clubs, such as Women of Wisdom or Diverse Male Student Initiatives — or start a new organization.


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