Go above and beyond in your studies.

The Honors Program is open to hardworking, intellectually curious students who want to grow as thinkers and as leaders.

You will work with challenging material and apply what you learn on campus and within the community.

Benefits of Being an Honors Student

Being an Honors Student can enhance your college experience, your social life, and your future. It may also lead to additional financial support and allow you to participate in Honors-related events.

Honors Courses, Curriculum, and Activities

Honors classes are exciting courses where instructors encourage knowledge sharing. Students learn to think independently and see the world in new ways. Instructors and advisors are on hand to answer your questions, and conversations with your Honors peers help expand your horizons.

Honors Eligibility

We encourage part-time and full-time students who have a 3.2 cumulative grade-point average to apply to the Honors Program, no matter what they want to study. We consider both your college placement examination and high school or college grade point GPA as part of our acceptance process.

Interested in Applying?

We accept applications all year round. Find out what you need to do to join the Honors Program and complete the Honors Program Application today.

After Honors

Open up new possibilities for a career, a four-year degree, or both. Honors students can attend resume workshops and participate in information sessions about transfer institutions and scholarships.

New members are accepted throughout the year

Honors Program Application

Contact Us

Lanham Hall, Room 102A
301 Largo Rd., Largo, MD 20774
Monday–Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Phone: 301-546-7530
Fax: 301-546-0456
Email: honors@pgcc.edu