Are you interested in becoming a school teacher? In order to meet the Maryland State Department of Education’s (MSDE) certification requirements, students must submit qualifying scores for the Pre-Professional Skills Tests (Praxis Core). Students must obtain minimum passing scores for the Praxis Core tests prior to applying to the professional teacher education programs.

We offer both traditional and online Praxis Core Preparation courses. These courses are designed to review the three content areas, and teach students test taking strategies.

Praxis Tests

The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educations tests consist of three separate tests:

Reading Test: Measures the ability to understand, analyze and evaluate written messages.

Mathematics Test: Measures those mathematical skills and concepts that an educated adult might need:  numbers and operations, algebra, geometry and measurements, and data analysis and probability.

Writing Test: Assesses the ability to use grammar and language appropriately and to communicate effectively in writing.


Our Courses

We offer both online and traditional classroom courses.


SKB-473 Praxis Core Preparation

SKB-483 Praxis Core Exam Preparation

SKB-484 Praxis Core: Math Preparation

SKB-357 - GRE Preparation-Course I-Verb

SKB-358 - GRE Preparation-Course II-Qua

SKB-361 - LSAT Preparation-Course I

SKB-362 - LSAT Preparation-Course II


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