Program Type: Transfer Program

Program Total: 60 Credits

Program Description

The Information Technology A.A.S. degree enables students to study systematic approaches to problem solving within the environment of computer hardware and software systems. In the course of this study, students develop the practice of clear thinking and logical reasoning while learning to analyze, design, and program utilizing information processing tools, application packages, and software languages. The available courses cover a wide array of the computing discipline, including programming languages, systems analysis and design, operating systems, networking, Web technology, technical support, and applications software.

In addition to the A.A.S. degree, there are four certificates which may be earned and applied toward the degree: Computer Programming and Database Systems; Computer Services Technology; Network Systems Administrator; and Web Technology.

Returning students should carefully check course numbers and titles when registering because they may have changed from previous catalogs. Credit may not be received twice for the same course. Students should review the suggested course groupings and discuss their selections with an advisor, the department chair, or department coordinator before making a decision. Students are reminded that they may also use Cooperative Education, INT-2910-2930, for a maximum of three elective credits in their program requirements (Note: Cooperative Education may not count toward the 2000-level INT courses required by the program).

Graduates of the Information Technology A.A.S. will be able to:

  • Apply fundamental information technology concepts in order to manage files and effectively use a variety of information technology tools
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of essential computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, database management, and presentations
  • Conceptualize, design, and diagram possible solutions to logical problems, focusing on those problems which are amenable to a computer-based solution
  • Analyze, design, and develop a computer information system in a real-world scenario
  • Communicate effectively and professionally in the information technology environment
Required Courses

INT-1010 Introduction to Information Technology Credits: 3 (Institutional Requirement, General Education Requirement)

MAT-1130 Mathematical Ideas Credits: 3 (Mathematics General Education Requirement; Critical Course)

EGL-1010 Composition I: Expository Writing Credits: 3 (English General Education Requirement)

PHL-1330 Ethics Credits: 3 (Arts/Humanities General Education Requirement)

PAS-1000 First Year Experience Credits: 1 (Institutional Requirement)

SOC-1010 Introduction to Sociology Credits: 3 (Social Science General Education Requirement)

INT-1111 Programming Logic and Design Credits: 3 (Program Requirement; Critical Course)

INT-2080 Fundamentals of Database Management Credits: 3 (Program Requirement; Critical Course) or

INT-2150 Problem Solving with Databases Credits: 3 (Program Requirement; Critical Course) or

INT-2140 Problem Solving with Spreadsheets Credits: 3 (Program Elective; Critical Course)

INT-1700 Understanding Operating Systems Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

INT-1550 Introduction to Networks- Network Plus Prep Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

EGL-1340 Writing About Technical Topics Credits: 3 (English General Education Requirement)

NTR-1010 Introductory Nutrition Credits: 3 (Science No Lab General Education Requirement)

INT-1620 Security+ Preparation Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

Choose from the list of "Program Electives" 3 Credits (Program Elective)

Choose from the list of "Program Electives" 3 Credits (Program Elective)

Choose from the list of "Program Electives" 4 Credits (Program Elective)

Choose 2000-level course from list of "Program Electives" 3 Credits (Program Elective)

Choose 2000-level course from list of "Program Electives" 3 Credits (Program Elective)

Choose 2000-level course from list of "Program Electives" 3 Credits (Program Elective)

INT-2840 Systems Analysis and Project Management Credits: 4 (Program Requirement)

List of Available Program Electives:

ART-1570, ART-1620, ART-2620, ART-2670, ART-2750, BMT-1650, BMT-2880, ENT-1730, ENT-1810, ENT-2820, INT-1290, INT-1370, INT-1390, INT-1450, INT-1540, INT-1700, INT-1800, INT-1850, INT-2030, INT-2050, INT-2080, INT-2081, INT-2082, INT-2130, INT-2140, INT-2150, INT-2200, INT-2210, INT-2220, INT-2240, INT-2300, INT-2310, INT-2312, INT-2450, INT-2460, INT-2480, INT-2490, INT-2530, INT-2540, INT-2600, INT-2610, INT-2670, INT-2672, INT-2673, INT-2674, INT-2681, INT-2682, INT-2685, INT-2688, INT-2719, INT-2761, INT-2810, INT-2840, INT-2850, INT-2910, INT-2920, INT-2930

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