Are you interested in a career as a locksmith?

The locksmith program is comprehensive and includes both lecture and hands-on training.

  • Program can be completed in 2 semesters
  • We offer evening classes, 2 nights per week
  • Summer schedules may be condensed
  • Affordable tuition


Topics covered include:

  • Techniques and tools of the trade
  • Industry standards and practices
  • Ethics, legal and safety issues

About Our Courses

KEY-300 - Locksmithing 101

KEY-301 - Locksmithing 102

KEY-305 - Locksmithing 201

KEY-304 - Locksmithing 202

Upon successful completion of these courses you will earn a Continuing Education Certificate in Locksmithing.

How to Register

View the latest Continuing Education Schedule of Classes.

See the Index for the course(s) you are interested in.

Note the class schedule, dates, times and cost.

Follow the registration directions on the inside front cover of the schedule.


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Contact Information

Westphalia Training Center

Phone: (301) 546-0964