Producing videos encompasses consideration of many aspects of communication. Some are the selection of subjects to be presented, the capabilities of available equipment, and non-linear video editing (computer software) skills in the current market. Making commercial-quality movies and video programs requires further knowledge of these creative possibilities.

Videography Certificate

Earn our continuing education certificate by completing the following courses:

  • VID-355 Videography: Part One
  • VID-356 Videography: Part Two
  • Any Final Cut Pro, Motion 5, or Adobe Premiere Pro

Once you have completed all of these requirements, call 301-546-0873 or email for verification and to request a certificate.

Spring and Summer 2023

Course Descriptions
VID-355 Videography: Part One

The first of a two-part series, this course offers hands-on camera, lighting, and audio training. The student will also receive entry-level training in examining the many tools available for non-linear video editing using the Apple Final Cut Pro software program. Required textbooks: The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide: A Down & Dirty DV Production, 2nd Edition by Anthony Artis, ISBN #9780240824154, and The Filmmaker's Eye, ISBN #9780240812175.

$300* (includes $80 lab fee).

01604 | 6/5–7/17 | 6–9 p.m. | Mon | CAT 137

VID-356 Videography: Part Two

In this class, the second of a two-part series, the student will produce and edit a three-minute video using pre- and post-production techniques learned in Part One. The student will be shown how to digitize the footage and make a rough film cut. Required textbooks: The Filmmaker's Eye, ISBN #9780240812175, and Master Shots Volume 1, ISBN #9781615930876.

$300 (includes $80 lab fee).

01603 | 7/24-8/28 | 6–9 p.m. | Mon | CAT 137

VID-357 Video Production Techniques

Students learn the fundamentals of documentary video production from the initial concept to show to the final product in this hands-on class. The course covers best practices in interviewing, audio, light setups, and effective sequencing of shots for documentaries. Students will be shown how to prepare photos for productions and use a green screen and chroma-key in Final Cut Pro. Required textbook: The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide, 2nd edition, by Anthony Artis, ISBN #978-240824154. 

$300* (includes $80 lab fee).

97272 | 4/5–5/17 | 6–9 p.m. | Wed | CAT 137

VID-352 Final Cut Pro X

This revolutionary video editing application makes it possible for users to produce professional-quality videos. Start with basic video editing techniques and work through Final Cut Pro's powerful advanced features. Work with dramatic real-world media to learn practical techniques.

12 sessions, $605* (includes $150 lab fee).

Next class will be available in the fall 2023 semester.

VID-351 Final Cut Pro X, Advanced Editing

Final Cut Pro X advanced editing is a hands-on course that teaches hard-to-find advanced editing and finishing techniques. Create fantastic effects using filters creatively, color correct like a pro, and create complex audio mixes. Learn advanced workflows for managing media, including using Compressor. 

12 sessions, $605* (includes $150 lab fee).

Next class will be available in the spring 2024 semester.

VID-353 Introduction to Motion 5

This course starts with motion graphics fundamentals and moves into composites, animation, and the world of 3D. Explore new intelligent templates to quickly and flexibly create high-quality effects, titles, transitions, and generators and create rigs to adjust related parameters with a single control. Topics include: Smart Motion Templates, creating parameter rigs to quickly adjust related parameters with a single command, understanding behavior-based animation, creating content with generators, shapes, and paint strokes, and stabilizing and tracking media.

12 sessions, $605* (includes $150 lab fee).

97267 | 3/21–4/27 | 6:30–9:30 p.m. | Tue/Thu | CAT 137

VID-354 Adobe Premiere Pro

This course discusses producing and editing videos for multimedia or web productions. Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing software application. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes video editing, graphic design, and web development programs. This course emphasizes the capture, editing, and outputting of video using a desktop digital workstation. 

$605* (includes $150 lab fee).

01598 | 6/5–7/17 | 6:30–9:30 p.m. | Tue/Thu | CAT 137

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