Program Type: Career Program

Program Total: 21 Credits

Program Description

The Construction Management Certificate provides students with an introduction to the field of construction management. Students learn how to interpret plans and specifications, estimate material and labor costs, and prepare schedules for a construction project. All credits earned in the certificate can be applied to the Construction Management, A.A.S. program. Most of the courses in this certificate are cross-listed with Continuing Education courses and can be used toward a Construction Management Certificate with Continuing Education.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Interpret plans and specifications for a construction project.
  • Estimate material and labor costs for a construction project.
  • Schedule a construction project.
Required Courses

CSM-1460 Construction Methods and Materials Credits: 3 (Program Requirement; Critical Course)

CSM-1450 Construction Management I Credits: 3 (Program Requirement; Critical Course)

CSM-1830 Construction Blueprint Reading Credits: 3 (Program Requirement; Critical Course)

CSM-2470 Construction Planning and Scheduling Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

CSM-1850 Construction Quality Control Credits: 3 (Program Elective) or

CSM-1550 Off-Grid Construction I Credits: 3 (Program Elective)

CSM-2410 Communication and Computers in Construction Credits: 3 (Program Elective) or

CSM-2550 Off-Grid Construction II Credits: 3 (Program Elective)

CSM-2480 Construction Estimating Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

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