Program Type: Career Program

Program Total: 22 Credits

Program Description

This program prepares students for entry-level jobs in Network programming and automation. Students who complete this program will be prepared to take the Cisco DevNet Associate Certification. This entry-level industry certification validates a student's skill in configuring and securing medium sized networks, networking programmability, and using software to automate and deploy networks. All courses within this program can be used as part of the Cybersecurity A.A.S degree.

Required Courses

INT-1010 Introduction to Information Technology Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

INT-1700 Understanding Operating Systems Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

INT-1450 CCNA I - Introduction to Networking Credits: 4 (Program Requirement)

INT-2450 CCNA II: Switching, Routing & Wireless Essentials Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

INT-1111 Programming Logic and Design Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

INT-2240 Introduction to Python Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

INT-2480 Network Automation Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

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