Program Type: Transfer Program

Program Total: 63-64 Credits

Program Description

This is a recommended program of study for students planning to pursue a bachelor's degree with the goal of teaching chemistry at the secondary level.

Students in this program are required to submit to a medical and criminal background check in order to participate in the required fieldwork courses. More information about the procedure, cost, timeline, etc. can be obtained through the Education Department Advisor.

Participation in the required fieldwork courses is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the medical and criminal background check. If a student is denied a fieldwork placement (which is required to complete the program) due to a medical and/or background check result, the student will meet with his or her advisor to discuss options, which could include dropping the course and changing program of study.

Graduation Information: 3.0 cumulative GPA, or 2.75-2.99 cumulative GPA and qualifying scores on the basic skills assessment for teacher licensure as established by the State Superintendent of Schools and as approved by the State Board of Education; and 45 hours of supervised field experience are required. Students may be required to take additional courses including special educations courses as part of the requirements for a bachelor's degree and teacher certification at four-year institutions.
Note: All courses must be passed with a grade of C or higher.

Graduates of the Secondary Education - Chemistry A.A.T. will be able to:

  • Apply adolescent development and learning theories when choosing developmentally appropriate curriculum and strategies for specific and groups of students
  • Differentiate instruction for a variety of purposes and groups of children
  • Discuss the skills needed to be an effective part of an educational team
  • Discuss the skills necessary to communicate effectively with families and the community
  • Design and evaluate student learning outcomes for a variety of students and purposes
  • Use the major concepts and principles of their content area to create effective learning experiences for specific and groups of students in a variety of educational settings
Required Courses

EGL-1010 Composition I: Expository Writing Credits: 3 (English General Education Requirement)

TED-2000 Foundations of Education Credits: 3 (Program Requirement; Critical Course)

TED-2001 Field Experience for Foundations of Education Credits: 1 (Program Requirement; Critical Course)

MAT-2410 Calculus I Credits: 4 (Mathematics General Education Requirement)

CHM-1010 General Chemistry I Credits: 4 (Science w/ Lab General Education Requirement; Critical Course)

MAT-2420 Calculus II Credits: 4 (Program Requirement)

PSY-1010 General Psychology Credits: 3 (Social Science General Education Requirement)

TED-2300 Introduction to Special Education Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

TED-2301 Field Experience for Introduction to Special Education Credits: 1 (Program Requirement)

EGL-1020 Composition II: Writing About Literature Credits: 3 (English General Education Requirement)

CHM-1020 General Chemistry II Credits: 3 (General Education Requirement Science, No Lab)

CHM-1030 General Chemistry II Laboratory Credits: 2 (Science w/ Lab General Education Requirement)

PSY-2060 Educational Psychology Credits: 3 (Program Requirement; Critical Course)

TED-2061 Field Experience for Educational Psychology Credits: 1 (Program Requirement)

PHY-1010 Introductory Physics I Credits: 4 (Program Elective) or

PHY-1030 General Physics I Credits: 3 (Program Elective)

ART-2730 Integrated Arts Credits: 3 (Arts/Humanities General Education Requirement)

CHM-2010 Organic Chemistry I Credits: 4 (Program Requirement)

COM-1090 Interpersonal Communication Credits: 3 (Arts/Humanities General Education Requirement)

PHY-1020 Introductory Physics II Credits: 4 (Program Elective) or

PHY-2030 General Physics II Credits: 4 (Program Elective)

CHM-2020 Organic Chemistry II Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

CHM-2040 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory Credits: 2 (Program Requirement)

PSY-2040 Adolescent Psychology Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

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