Program Type: Career Program

Program Total: 18 Credits

Program Description

The Web Technology Certificate program is designed for the student who wishes to enter the field of Internet and World Wide Web-based environments. Students wishing to pursue the A.A.S. degree may apply these credits to the Information Technology degree.

Graduates of the Web Technology Certificate will be able to:

  • Apply fundamental information technology concepts in order to manage files and effectively use a variety of information technology tools
  • Apply Web technology concepts and tools to design and maintain a professional website
  • Conceptualize, design, and diagram possible solutions to logical problems, focusing on those problems which are amenable to a computer-based solution
Required Courses

INT-1010 Introduction to Information Technology Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

INT-1800 Internet and Web Technology Credits: 3 (Program Requirement; Critical Course)

INT-1111 Programming Logic and Design Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

INT-1850 Client-Side Web Development Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

INT-2200 Programming in Java Credits: 3 (Program Elective)

INT-2850 Server-Side Web Development Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

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