Dr. Falecia Willams - Headshot


Dr. Falecia Williams

President, Prince George's Community College

Often, we underestimate our potential. We accept comfort and predictability as the norm, telling ourselves that if only we had additional time and resources, we would pursue more inspired lives. What if I told you that the journey from ordinary to extraordinary is a choice—one that you can commit to today and immediately begin to reap the benefits?

Guided by the theme “Dare to Be Extraordinary,” Prince George’s Community College’s (PGCC) 2022–2025 Strategic Plan explores what it means for each of us to do our part to set in motion exceptional outcomes for ourselves and those who follow.

These are remarkable times that can be described as anything but ordinary. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced change as an everyday companion, challenging higher education to act on the innovation we had talked about for so long. Our ability to navigate successfully through such a time as this reminds us of the power we carry to seed innovation not at some point in the future when the circumstances are ideal, but right now.

Prince George’s Community College seeks to become the region’s premier center for dynamic teaching and learning, strategic partnerships, and community engagement that advances knowledge, economic equity, and lifelong personal development. Our new Strategic Plan directs our focus to four goals and six core commitments that respond to the overarching question: what would happen if we approach our work as a College community with the same level of ingenuity beyond the crisis?

Extraordinary looks different for everyone, and the path is a continuous refining process. Regardless of where you stand individually, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our students, and the surrounding community. Let us take a bold stand to be extraordinary in what we are called to do locally – one person, one team, and one initiative at a time. This is our accountability challenge and our moment to elevate.

I believe in the future of Prince George’s Community College, and I trust that you do, too. What lies ahead holds the promise of being greater than our present. Consider this your invitation to help guide us there.


Falecia D. Williams, Ed.D.