1. The post-secondary participation rate for each high school in the College’s service district area/county will exceed 50%.
  2. The College graduation rate will exceed 60% for all degree-seeking students of every race, ethnicity, and household income level.
  3. The four-year graduation and transfer rate will exceed 70% for graduates earning an associate degree.
  4. At least 30% of graduates will complete an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree within six years of entering the community college as a degree seeking student.
  5. The College will have enabled 50,000 workers to earn a workforce credential aligned to high-skill, high-wage jobs.
  6. The College will establish multiple public, private philanthropic partnerships to finance at least 1,000 full-tuition scholarships annually including holistic support resources.
  7. The College will have a system of comprehensive campuses and workforce/skilled trade centers that provide equitable access to residents, particularly those in a highest need area based upon less than the median average for household earnings and educational attainment levels.

*The Prince George's Community College 2022-2025 Strategic Plan reflects data, information, and personnel as of the May 2022 publishing date.