Our program will teach you valuable knowledge and skills in repairing and maintaining your motorcycle. Whether you are looking to save on costly repair bills or seeking a career as a motorcycle repair mechanic or technician, our classes teach learning theory, maintenance, and repair of today’s motorcycles and their components. Keeping your bike in a safe riding condition is important to your health and safety, and anyone who owns a motorcycle will greatly benefit from the knowledge learned in our program.


 Students who successfully complete the following courses will be eligible to receive the certificate:

  • OCC-354: Basic Motorcycle Maintenance.
  • OCC-376: Motorcycle Mechanics and Repair.

Program Requirements:

To register for this program, participants must be 16 years of age or older.

OCC-354 Basic Motorcycle Maintenance

This course covers the fundamentals of performing basic maintenance and inspections on your motorcycle. The course will help the beginner understand the importance of maintaining a motorcycle in top running condition in order to enjoy safe, trouble-free riding. Topics include pre-ride safety inspection, maintenance schedules, record keeping, basic tools, cleaning; storing and winterizing, performing an oil change, checking wheels, tire pressure and brakes, chain and cable adjustment, fluid levels, the owner’s manual, changing bulbs and dealer relations. Students should bring their motorcycle owner’s manual to class.

2 sessions, $85*.

Fall 2023

SYN #0248


Lecture on Wednesday and Thursday from 6–9 p.m.

Largo Campus, Continuing Education Building, Room 124.

OCC-376 Motorcycle Mechanics & Repair

This is an entry-level motorcycle technician course designed to teach students the fundamentals of motorcycle maintenance and repair. Students will be shown how to inspect a motorcycle and conduct light repairs such as replacing head bearings, wheel bearings, chains, and clutch. They will also learn about lubrication and coolant system service, tire replacement, and electrical diagnoses and repair.  

8 sessions, $340* (includes a $40 lab fee).

Suggested textbook: Modern Motorcycle Technology, Third Edition by Edward Abdo.
ISBN-13: 978-1-305-49745-0 (See instructor on first day of class).
Fall 2023

SYN #03303


Lecture on Wednesday and Thursday from 6–9 p.m.

Largo Campus, Annex C, Room 002.


Successful completion of both courses earns a Continuing Education certificate.

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