How to Register

Please review the most recent catalog to see our class schedules, program requirements, and costs. The catalog will also provide steps on how to create a student account, register, and pay for classes. If you need assistance, please see Registration Help.

The fastest way to register is via Owl Link. Owl Link gives you the best chance to get the classes you want. You’ll need an email address and a credit card to register online.

  • If you have enrolled before, click on "Login to Owl Link" and follow the prompts.
  • If you are a new student, click on "Create a student account." Follow the prompts. You’ll receive two emails, with your login name, and password information. Use these to log in to Owl Link.
  • Click "Enroll and Register for Courses," and then "Register for Courses."
  • Enter your Course Code Number or your 5-digit syn number only and then click on Submit.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm your class, select additional classes, and pay.

Contact Information

Barbara McCreary, Program Director
Annex C, Room 002
Phone: 301-546-0062 / 240-508-6149

Business Inquiries

Please email us at regarding the opportunity you would like to share.