The Maryland Tuition Waiver for Homeless Youth provides financial assistance to homeless youth who are enrolled as a candidate for an associate degree, bachelor’s degree or vocational certificate at a Maryland Public institution of higher education. 

To be eligible for the Maryland Tuition Waiver for Homeless Youth, a youth must have:

  • Been placed in out-of-home placement by the Maryland Department of Human Services.
  • Resided in an out-of-home placement on the individual’s 18th birthday or at the time of graduation from high school or upon successful completion of the General Education Development (GED) examination.
  • Resided in an out-of-home placement for at least one year on or after the individual’s 13th birthday and entered into guardianship, been adopted, or reunited with at least one of the individual’s parents.
  • Been the younger sibling of an individual who met the qualifications outlined in section (a) and (b) above, and was concurrently placed into the same guardianship by the same parent, or was adopted by the same adoptive family with the older sibling.
  • Be enrolled Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer.

You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA here or the Maryland State Financial Aid Application or MSFAA here each year and contact the student financial aid office

Award Amount

You are exempt from paying tuition and mandatory fees at a public college in Maryland. The tuition waiver only applies to tuition and fees. This also includes all fees for credit bearing and noncredit courses required as a condition of enrollment​. ​