Solve problems in today’s complex world.

Discover how the world around you works and apply your knowledge to solve problems. Our faculty will guide you toward a degree or certificate that leads to a cutting-edge career.

Technology, Engineering, and Construction

Your interest in computers and technology can take you far, and PGCC’s excellent instructors will help you get there.


Our mathematics department gives you a strong foundation for many different careers, from medicine to science to economics.

Natural Sciences

The natural sciences and engineering department can help you meet the general education requirements for a four-year program.

Transportation and Distribution

Our Transportation and Distribution Institute prepares students for exciting heavy equipment, distribution, and automotive careers. 

Looking for More Options?

We have three other academic divisions and many more programs.

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Dr. Calvin E. Stansbury, Dean

Chesapeake Hall, Room 215

Phone: 301-546-0432

Dr. Regina Bentley, Associate Dean

Chesapeake Hall, Room 100F

Phone: 301-546-0450