Preparing students for exciting careers in mathematics.

Students seeking a career in medicine, education, physics, law, chemistry, computer science, business, economics, statistics, and even the social sciences are encouraged to consider a mathematics degree.

Career opportunities are available in federal and state governments, as well as in the private sector. The U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and the National Security Agency all seek employees with strong mathematics skills. In addition, scientific research organizations, technical consulting services, and system operations management companies seek math majors for software publishing, aerospace or pharmaceutical manufacturing, and for actuary positions where they help businesses assess and minimize the cost of risk.

Majoring in mathematics prepares students to think critically, solve problems, and explore technological tools.

The Prince George’s Community College Mathematics Department offers a full range of mathematics courses, from algebra to statistics, pre-calculus, and calculus. Courses are taught by full-time faculty, as well as part-time faculty who also work in research, industry, government, and education.

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Kelli Cofield, Department Chair

Mathematics Department
Accokeek Hall, Room 220
301 Largo Rd.
Largo, MD 20774-2199
Phone:   301-546-0095

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