The Natural Sciences Department encompasses the fields of biology, environmental science, chemistry, and physics. We provide a solid foundation to continue in biology, chemistry, environmental science, or any medical or engineering field. From pre-pharmacy, pre-med, or pre-engineering, we are a great place to start.

About Our Programs


Learn the foundation for understanding organisms, including their origin, evolution, characteristics, and interaction with their environment. Students examine biological processes at various levels of organizations such as molecular, cellular, organismal, and ecological. 

Biology - A.S. Program Page


Learn a foundation for the field of chemistry through introductory inorganic and organic courses. Study includes atomic and molecular structures, orbital theory, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, and chemical equations.

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Physics promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills and explains how things work in our natural world. Data from the American Institute of Physics show that physics majors get among the highest scores in the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) of all the undergraduate majors.


Explore the mysteries of the universe, such as the birth and evolution of stars, planets, galaxies, and the formation of matter, to improve life and technology on Earth.


The Natural Sciences Department prepares students for careers in a variety of industries, including:

  • Engineering fields (electrical, civil, mechanical, computer, aerospace, etc.).
  • Fiber optics.
  • Physics.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Radiology.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Nanotechnology.
  • Aviation.
  • Energy and renewable energy.

Physics and Astronomy Courses

Introductory Physics Series — Algebra-Based
PHY-1010 Introductory Physics I (with lab, Gen-End)
PHY-1020 Introductory Physics II (with lab)

General Physics Series — Calculus-Based*
PHY-1030 General Physics I (no lab, Gen-Ed)
PHY-1040 General Physics I Laboratory (lab course to accompany PHY-1030)
PHY-2030 General Physics II (with lab)
PHY-2040 General Physics III (with lab)

PHY-1570 Technical Physics (with lab, Gen-Ed)
PHY-1650 Conceptual Physics for Medical Imaging

Astronomy Courses
PSC-1010 Introduction to Astronomy or Honors PSC-1010H (Gen-Ed, no math prerequisite)
PSC-1020 Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory (Gen-Ed, no math prerequisite)
PSC-1200 Exploring Chemistry and Physics Concepts (with lab, Gen-Ed)
PSC-1210 Exploring Earth and Space Science Concepts (with lab, Gen-Ed)

*This series is required for the Associate of Arts Engineering degree. It is also useful if you plan to transfer as a physics major.

Biology Faculty

  1. Dr. Cassandra Moore-Crawford

    (Coordinator; BIO-1010, BIO-1110, BIO-1120) 301-546-7562 |

    Dr. Lorraine Clarke

    (AS Biology program Coordinator; BIO-1130, BIO-1140, BIO-2030) 301-546-0153 |

    Professor Derek Anderson (Coordinator; BIO-2010) 301-546-9092 |

    Dr. Christine Morin (Coordinator; BIO-2050) 301-546-6768 |

    Professor Alexander Imholtz (Co-coordinator; BIO-2060) 301-546-7539 |

    Professor Bekki Zeigler (Co-coordinator; BIO-2060) 301-546-3024 |

    Dr. Yuda Anriany

    (301) 295-3424 |

Professor Paul Assanah

301-546-0423 |

Dr. Kuburat Bello

301-546-7574 |

Dr. Glenn Gebler

301-546-0424 |

Dr. Mark Hubley

301-546-0422 |

Professor Sarah Hyatt

301-546-6718 |

Professor Michelle Klein

301-546-0069 |

Professor Brian Kram

301-546-0791 |

Professor Lisa Maranto

301-546-0182 |

Dr. Paria Parto

301-546-0491 |

Professor Tracy Dirks Ring

301-546-9689 |

Professor Cyrus Sadeghian

301-546-0435 |

Chemistry Faculty

Dr. Nadene Houser-Archield

(Coordinator; AS in Chemistry program and all CHM courses)

301-546-7593 |

Dr. Lynne Heighton

301-546-6722 |

Professor Reyniak Richards

301-546-0534 |

Dr. Sumana Nilanthi Yasapala

301-546-3958 |

Dr. William Antonio Boyle

301-546-6728 |

Dr. Shehu-Alimi Elelu

301-546-0430 |

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. James C. Hunt (Coordinator for all PSC/PHY courses)
301-546-0429 |

Professor Rocco Mennella
240-988-8576 |

Dr. Neeharika Thakur
301-546-0605 |

Contact Information

Dr. Thomas E. Snowden, Chair
Natural Sciences Department
Chesapeake Hall, Suite 100H