HB 104 enacted by the 2011 Maryland General Assembly redefines the tuition waiver for students with disabilities as those out of the workforce by reason of total and permanent disability and entering community colleges. HB 104 supersedes previous legislation and proposes significant changes to Section 16-106c of the Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland.

Refer to the sections below for eligibility requirements, instructions and other important information.


In order to be eligible for the disability tuition waiver, students must meet the following requirements:

1. Maryland resident

2. Out of the workforce because of a permanent disability as defined by the Social Security Act, the Railroad Retirement Act, or in the case of former federal employees, the Office of Personnel Management.

3. Credit students must apply for financial aid.

4. Individuals receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) orSocial Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits as a dependent or survivor of a disabled beneficiary do not qualify for this waiver.


1. Obtain a Certification for Tuition Waiver form from the Office of Records and Registration (Bladen 126) by emailing registrar@pgcc.edu or by clicking here: Tuition Waiver for Students With Disabilities

2. Take the waiver form to the Social Security Administration office that serves your area or, if appropriate, to the Railroad Retirement Board or the federal agency from which you retired due to disability. The Social Security Administration (or Railroad Retirement Board or former federal employer) will sign and certify that the individual is receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments and is permanently disabled. Alternatively, students may submit their Social Security Benefits Verification Letter, which may be obtained online from the Social Security Administration and confirms the receipt of benefits.

3. If you are a credit student, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.gov.

4. Complete all applicable portions of the Certification for Tuition Waiver form.

5. Submit the Certification for Tuition Waiver form, a copy of the Social Security Benefits Verification Letter (if the form is not certified by the Social Security Administration), and proof of completion of the FAFSA, such as an email confirmation (if applicable) to the Office of Records and Registration. All documents may be emailed to registrar@pgcc.edu or submitted in person in Bladen 126.

Important Notes
  • The waiver is available for enrolling up to 6 credits per semester without declaring a degree or certificate program. If a student is enrolled in a degree program or a certificate program that leads to employment, the waiver is available for up to 12 credits. Letter of Recognition programs are not eligible for the waiver. If the student enrolls in credit coursework that exceeds 6 credits per semester, a student must enroll in a degree program, or a certificate program that leads to employment in order to be eligible for the waiver (up to 12 credits).
  • The Certification for Tuition Waiver is valid for one academic year. Students must re-submit the waiver and all supporting documentation each academic year in order to continue to be eligible for the waiver.

  • Students may have up to 12 credit hours covered by the waiver each semester.

  • Any awarded grants and scholarships will be applied first to pay the student's tuition. The waiver will only be applied if grants and scholarships do not cover the student's full semester tuition charge. This does not pertain to student loans or Federal Work Study funds.

  • The tuition waiver does not apply to fees. Students are responsible for any course charges not covered by financial aid or this waiver.

  • Colleges reserve the right to discontinue the tuition waiver for a student enrolling in a course with less than ten regularly enrolled students. Additionally, the College may exempt certain courses from eligibility for this waiver, including (but not limited to), clinical health, applied music and internships.

  • Tuition waiver requests will not be retroactively applied. All requests must be received in the term in which the student is seeking the waiver.

Contact Information

More information about Disability Support Services can be found here.
New students applying for DSS services can email DSS@pgcc.edu.
Returning DSS Students requesting accommodations or disability-related advising should email their DSS counselor directly: 
Adrienne Moore: thomasad@pgcc.edu or Thomas Mays: maysto@pgcc.edu

Disability Support Services Office

Lanham Hall, Room 101A
Email: dss@pgcc.edu
Phone: 301-546-0838

Students with questions about the tuition waiver for students with disabilities should contact registrar@pgcc.edu.