Students may request enrollment verification for employment, insurance, or other instances that require verification of enrollment at Prince George's Community College.

Students are encouraged to request an electronic enrollment verification through Owl Link for the fastest processing. Please note that requests for official verification of enrollment can only be processed once the College's official semester has started.

Electronic Enrollment Verification Requests

The National Student Clearinghouse provides 24/7 enrollment verification services to students previously enrolled in credit courses at the College from fall 2013 to present with active Owl Link credentials. The verification may be attached to any form provided by a third party and returned by the student directly to the requester.

Enrollment verifications can also be used for insurance companies, scholarships, military identification cards, prospective employment, and all other services that require proof of enrollment at Prince George's Community College.

Please follow the instructions below to obtain an electronic enrollment verification.

National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment Verification Request Instructions

Current Credit Students

  • Log in to Owl Link.
  • Click Enrollment Verifications.
  • Click Continue to National Student Clearinghouse.
  • Follow prompts and fill out requested information. You will be able to download the verification as a PDF and print it out as needed.

Former Credit Students

Go to the National Student Clearinghouse to verify your current or previous enrollment, degrees or professional certifications earned, and past attendance. Fill in the requested information and click submit. You will be able to download the verification to computer and print it out as needed. Please note that you may incur a cost for this service.

In-Office Enrollment Verification Requests

Students may also request enrollment verifications through the Office of Records and Registration by visiting Bladen Hall 126 or completing the Enrollment Verification Request form. Requests will also be processed upon receipt of a properly signed release form through an external agency or organization.

Such verifications are not done on a while-you-wait basis and typically take 3-4 business days to process. All external agency forms are sent directly to the agency involved. Verification letters may be picked up by the student or mailed to the receiving party.