Register Online

Students can register online through Navigate or Owl Link.

Course Section Designators

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DL: Distance Learning Section

DR: Online Asynchronous + Synchronous Structured Remote Section

HL: Hyflex Largo

HX: Hyflex Extension Center

HY: Hybrid Section includes both classroom and online teaching

IN: Independent Study

LD: Largo Campus Daytime Section

LE: Largo Campus Evening Section

LR: Synchronous Structured Remote + On Campus (Largo) Section

LS: Largo Campus Saturday Section

LU: Largo Campus Sunday Section

LW: Largo Campus Weekender Section (Friday night & all day Saturday)

RD: Remote Daytime Section

RE: Remote Evening Section

RS: Remote Saturday Section

RU: Remote Sunday Section

RW: Remote Weekender Section

XD: Extension Center Day Section

XE: Extension Center Evening Section

XR: Synchronous Structured Remote + On Campus (Extension Center) Section

XS: Extension Center Saturday Section

XU: Extension Center Sunday Section

XW: Extension Weekend


Follow these steps to register using Navigate:

1. Visit Navigate.

2. Select Navigate - Student Access and log in with your student account. 

3. Select the Planner tab. 

4. Select +Add a Term to add a semester (i.e., fall 2024).

5. Find a course in your academic plan list on the left. Select and drag the course to the right, then place it in the term. Repeat for each additional course.

6. When it is time to register, Registration Open will be listed under the term status. 

7. Select Pick Times. Your planned courses will appear on the left and the calendar on the right. 

8. Select Sections for the course time that works best for you, then drag it to the right and drop it on your calendar. 

9. Select Register to complete your registration.


Owl Link

Follow these steps to register using Owl Link:

  1. Log into Owl Link
  2. Click on Course Search.
  3. You can select as many or as few fields as you like. It is recommended that you select the term and the academic level (Undergraduate Level for credit, degree-seeking students, and Continuing Education Level for non-credit courses designed for personal or professional enrichment) at a minimum. Other search options include subject, course number, and location.
  4. Add the desired section to your plan.
  5. Once you have selected your sections, go to the Academics menu on the left-hand side, select Student Planning, then Plan and Schedule.
  6. Click the Register button under each course to register individually or the Register Now button in the top right corner to register for all applicable courses in one transaction.

You will see a confirmation message in the top right corner. Your courses will change from planned (yellow) to green (registered) for any courses for which you successfully registered, and you will receive a Registration Acknowledgement confirmation email. 

See our askPGCC Knowledge Base for detailed instructions.

Credit students can add themselves to a waitlist for a section that is closed due to reaching capacity. This does not guarantee a seat in the section, and students should plan accordingly. For more information, see Waitlist FAQs.

Students are encouraged to register for classes on their own through Owl Link or Navigate, but may also submit a registration form to the Office of Records and Registration.

In-Person Registration

Largo Campus

Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

Students may register in Bladen Hall, Room 126, during our office hours.

You can also register in person at our other campus locations. Learn more >

Note: The waitlist feature is a list that keeps track of students who are waiting for an available seat to open up that is full, however, the waitlist does not guarantee a seat into a course. Students should plan their schedule based on the possibility that a seat will become available.

Important Deadlines

Waitlist FAQs

What is a waitlist?

A waitlist allows students to virtually stand in line and wait for a seat to open in a closed section.

What other reasons could prevent me from being able to add myself to a waitlist?

Any restrictions that prevent course registration, including debt holds and academic warning or academic restriction limitations, will prevent you from adding yourself to a waitlist.

If I am dropped for non-payment will I also be removed from waitlists?

Yes, waitlist is a part of the registration process and you will be removed from all courses (registered and waitlisted) for non-payment.

If I was dropped from a waitlist for non-payment and I re-enroll, will I have to add myself back on the waitlist?

Yes, once you re-register for courses that were dropped for non-payment, you will also have to add yourself back to any waitlist you were on. Your place on the waitlist is not held.

Should I attend a class where I am on the waitlist?

No. You are not officially enrolled in the class and the waitlist will cease once registration ends.

Does the waitlist continue to offer seats (if one opens) to students after the registration ends?

No. The waitlist will not continue for that semester.

What sections can be waitlisted?

Waitlisting is available for most credit courses. Waitlisting is not available for nursing, paramedic, and radiology courses.

How can I waitlist a section?

If a section you wish to add to your schedule is listed as "Closed" or "Waitlisted", you will have the option to waitlist the section. In Owl Link, click "Add" and the section will be added to your plan. Then, go to "Plan and Schedule" (under "Student Planning") and click "Waitlist" underneath the course. 

How can I manage my waitlist?

In Owl Link, go to your "Plan and Schedule" page, which can be found under Student Planning. Courses in which you are waitlist will display the message "This section has a waitlist." If you wish to drop yourself from a waitlist, find your waitlisted course and click "Drop Waitlist."

How will I know if I am at the top of the waitlist and eligible to register?

You will know that you are eligible to register by receiving an email via your PGCC email account notifying you that you are eligible to register. You will be able to register for the course until 11:59 p.m. on the expiration date noted in the email.

What if I became eligible to register but missed the timeframe to register for a course I am waitlisted?

If you do not register for the course within the allotted timeframe, you will be removed from the waitlist and the next student will be notified.

Can I waitlist for a course that has a time conflict with another course I am already registered?

Yes, you can add yourself to the waitlist. However, if a seat opens and you are able to register, you will not be able to register for any course that conflicts with the courses you are already registered for. You will only be able to move forward with registering for your waitlisted course if you drop the conflicting course.

Can I add myself to every section of a particular course?

No. You can only waitlist for one section at a time for a particular course.

If I do not meet the prerequisite for a course, can I add myself to the waitlist?

No. You must meet all prerequisites in order to add yourself to the waitlist for a course.