Steps to Succesfully Transfer

Prince George's Community College (PGCC) has a long history of successfully preparing students for transfer to four-year institutions. Earning a degree at PGCC is the first step on your way to earning a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree is often necessary for competitive jobs and graduate school. Graduating with your associate's degree and then transferring provides you with a solid educational foundation and saves you money.

Community college transfer students often perform as well or even better at four-year schools than their peers who enroll directly from high school or who transferred from other four-year schools. From your first day as a PGCC student, no matter where you are in your associate's degree process, you begin working on these steps to ensure a successful transfer. There are three choices to determine your ultimate goals: your career, your program, and your four-year institution.

Step 1: Choose Your Career Path and Institution

Your Career

Start planning your future professional career path today. Not sure which path to take? Our Career Services team is here to help.

Your Program

Once you have a career goal in mind, we can help you determine which pathway at PGCC leads to your future goals at four-year institutions.  

Disclaimer: Please note that it is essential to ensure you are in a transfer pathway to ensure your credits transfer success. If unsure, you should meet with your assigned pathway advisor, who can assist in providing clarification.

Meet with an advisor to help select:  

  • Transfer Programs (A.A., A.S., A.A.T.)
    • Programs designed to parallel the first two years of undergraduate studies to seamlessly transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • Career Programs (A.A.S.)
    • Programs that provide technical skills necessary for employment and career advancement in a particular area of study. 

Your Institution

With a career and a program in mind, you can choose a college or university that best fits you.  

Step 2: Make A Plan

Meet with an academic and career adviser to develop your academic plan, and revisit that plan every semester to ensure you are on track for the smoothest transfer possible.

There are two categories of courses to consider:

General Education Requirements

These are approved courses required for most majors at two- and four-year institutions. Their purpose is to ensure a well-rounded education. All PGCC’s General Education credits are guaranteed to transfer to any Maryland public institution. Learn more about PGCC's Transfer Agreements and partnerships.

Program Requirements

These are courses within your specific academic pathway. If you are transferring to a Maryland public institution, you can access the Maryland Articulation System (ARTSYS) that specifies how PGCC courses will transfer to other Maryland institutions.

Disclaimer: Please note that meeting with a representative from the receiving institution (the school you are transferring to) is essential when receiving acceptance letters to discuss the transferability of courses. Some institutions will accept all of your credits as general education requirements, meaning you may have to retake classes. A great question to ask the representative at the receiving school is, "Do my credits transfer towards general education and program requirements?

If they do not, please explain to me what they are transferring into the institution as?" Students pursuing four-year institutions within Maryland must be aware of the Transfer Success Act and Denial of Credit. For more details, please refer to the documents below.

Step 3: Apply to Your Four-Year Institution

Consider these questions:

  • What is the application deadline?
    Give yourself the best chance of admission and apply by the school's priority deadline. Please make sure to review each school's application deadline.
  • Do you need an essay? 
    Four-year institution applications usually require an essay or personal statement. The  Writing Center  offers help with transfer essays and personal statements.
  • Do you need letters of recommendation? 
    Choose your reference providers carefully. Give them at least three weeks to complete and submit your reference. (Don’t forget to send thank-you notes.)
  • Do you need to interview with admissions or a department chair?
    Our Career Services team can help you prepare for college interviews. 
  • Are you planning to apply for financial aid or scholarships?
    Submit your FAFSA by the institution’s deadline and research any requirements for scholarship consideration. 
  • Have you sent your final PGCC transcripts after grades are posted?
    Request an official PGCC transcript  before the application deadline. Once accepted, remember to also request another final official transcript that states your final grades and degree conferred date. 

Still Have Questions?

Connect with pre-transfer advisors who specifically help PGCC students transfer to one of these popular institutions below.

Bowie State University 
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Morgan State University 
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University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) 
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University of Maryland (UMD) 
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